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Concerned about keeping family and friends waiting in anticipation until you are settled enough to send an announcement? Don't want to lug laptop, cables, digital camera to the birthing center? Baby's Here app gives you power to send share your birth announcement through email, facebook update, and even twitter update with the click of a single button!

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How It Works

Select Your Recipients

Simply pick your recipients from your address book. If they aren't yet in your address book, now's a great time to add them, and get email addresses up to date. You'll be busy once the baby comes and grateful that your contact information is current.

Write Your Announcement

Baby's Here includes an innovative announcement composer that lets you insert placeholders that are replaced with actual birth details once your baby arrives. You might think of this like writing a customized "Mad Libs" message for your birth announcement. And don't worry if this seems too complicated. We get you started with some samples, and you always have the option of writing a straight text message.

Baby's Details

As your baby is weighed and measured, take out your iPhone, open Baby's Here, and click the "About My Baby" button to record this precious information. This is also where you can enter your baby's name, birth time, and location. We've included an extra field for any other details you want to share in your announcement.

Take Photos & Share The News!

Since you have your phone out, now's a good time to take some photos. These photos are just the first of many, but your baby will change so much in the first few weeks that these will always hold a special place as the very first pictures. With one more click you can send your message by email, update your facebook page, and if you're that kind of person, even send a short tweet!

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